2014 - 2016  /  a photo series

The series is an exploration in the Sea of Lights, where evolution is affected by myths, memories and nostalgia. Nostalgia uses shipwrecked thoughts and loose figments of reality to create places that are simultaneously hopeful and dangerous, strange and familiar.
Each island is created by assembling pieces of photographs and various objects into miniature views, which are then photographed. The island have their own roles and tasks in the sea of memory - they are those parts of the human mind, where lost things get a childlike glow, but the terrain turns out to be treacherous and shallow.
Work from the series has been featured in group exhibitions at Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre, UK and Salo Art Museum Finland in 2015. Islands has also been shown at a solo exhibition at Poriginal gallery, Pori in September 2016, and Galleria Bronda, Kellarigalleria in the spring 2017.