2010 - 2013  /  a photo series

In the series, I seek out visual forms for memories that were never placed in a photo album, but instead have continued to transform and evolve in seeming blindness. Ever since the memories' emergence, they have become entwined with stories and inklings, grown into superrealities of what could have been, or what should have been forgotten.
I tear down, cut up and assemble temporary arrangements out of old and new photographs, animal picture cards, wire and yarn, and abandoned pieces of decaying wallpaper.
The reconstructed memoryscapes are eventually captured as two-dimensional photographs. While working through the materiality of the photograph, I attempt to bring out various layers, mergers, holes and meaningful imprecisions; the odd structures of recollection that tend to be missing from photo albums.
Works from the series have been exhibited at various solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and photo festivals, in Finland, Estonia, Germany, Tenerife and the United States.